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bullet Soil Physical Analysis
bullet Soil Fertility Analysis3
bullet Consulting Services

Soil Physical Analysis
Particle Size Analysis (PSA)1 $125.00
Soil Texture Only $70.00
Sand Size Distribution Only $85.00
Particle Density $75.00
Gravel or Choker Sand Distribution $85.00
Physical Measurements2
Submitted Sample $300.00
Laboratory Blended Sample $350.00
Infiltration Rate Only
Submitted Sample $85.00
Laboratory Blended Sample $130.00
Fairway Sand/Soil with Water Release Curve $460.00
Organic Matter Content By Combustion $70.00
Organic Matter Fiber Content $75.00
Bunker Sand Analysis (Includes PSA) $195.00
Fried Egg Lie Only $70.00
Soil Fertility Analysis3
pH $12.00
Electrical Conductivity $12.00
Nitrogen (NH4, NO3) $25.00
Cation Analysis (Ca,K,Mg,Na,P) $50.00
Micronutrient Analysis (Cu,Fe,Mn,Zn) $48.00
CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) $18.00
Fertility Package With Discount $148.00
Salinity Analysis (SAR, CO3. HCO3) $60.00
Base Saturations $55.00
Fertility Package Including Above $235.00
Boron, Molybdenum, Total Sulfur $45.00
Neutralization Potential $10.00
Plant Tissue Analysis $170.00
Water Quality Analysis $195.00
Plant Disease Diagnosis $40.00
Nematode Analysis $40.00
Consulting Services
Consulting Fees (Per Hour)4 $90.00
Foreign Sample Disposal Fee $25.00
International Wire Transfer Fee $25.00

1 PSA Includes: Soil Texture and Sand Size Distribution
2 Physical Measurements Includes: K-Sat. Moisture
Retention. Bulk Density. Particle Density and Porosity
3 Discount Rates are Available for Multiple Samples
4 Minimum 1/2 Hour Consulting Fee On All Projects
*Prices Subject To Change Without Notice
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