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  Welcome to Thomas Turf Services

Our mission at Thomas Turf Services, Inc. is to serve and support all persons connected with the turf industry to aid in building and maintaining the best possible quality turf facilities.

Allow Thomas Turf Services to help you maintain your facility in top quality condition. We can help you evaluate the soil conditions of your greens, fairways, or athletic field and help you select the appropriate topdressing materials for use with regular or deep tine aerification.

We are now a member of the Labosport Group and can perform Gmax testing to evaluate the safety and performance of both natural and synthetic turf sports fields.

If you are considering replacing your bunker sand, we can help you select the sand which will perform the best through a series of tests designed to estimate the potential for the formation of fried egg lies, surface crusting, and general set-up. If you are considering rebuilding a green or athletic field, several greens or adding new holes, then we can help you with your root zone material selection and quality control during the construction phase. Given today's high cost of construction, the design of the proper root zone soil mixture cannot be left to chance.

We also provide both soil and tissue testing services for assessing the adequacy of your fertility program. Tissue analysis, when combined with soil analysis can pinpoint deficiency or toxicity problems. The proper use of soil and tissue analysis will allow you to adjust your fertility levels to provide a reliable nutrient program giving you a healthier turf throughout the season. We will also maintain your soil and tissue analysis results in a data base so that you can watch for long term trends in your fertility levels.

Thomas Turf Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality laboratory soil testing service available in support of the turf industry and has obtained accreditation through the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).

 As president of Thomas Turf Services, Jim Thomas has over 40 years of experience in designing and evaluating high sand content root zone mixtures for use in constructing and topdressing golf greens, fairways, tees and bunkers.

 We have worked with architects, turf managers, USGA personnel, and golf course superintendents world-wide to assist both in new construction and in the proper maintenance of existing facilities. With each analysis you will receive a table and/or graph as appropriate plus a complete written report documenting the tests performed, the test results, and their meaning in regards to the long term life of your golf course. Our reports are the most complete in the industry and provide you with a clear picture of your existing soil conditions.

We cordially invite you to try our services. Please browse the remainder of our web site for information on sample collection and submission, and water quality analysis. Please do not hesitate to contact Jim Thomas or Bob Yzaguirre if you have any questions or need to arrange for sample analysis. You can reach us by phone at (979) 774-1600, by fax at (979) 774-1604 or by e-mail at soiltest@thomasturf.com.

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